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Yes/No Question Thingy...

Borrowed from: uselessmarks ; who took it from: rowan_d 

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Looking for Beta-readers.

Hello all.

Just sending a message out looking for beta-readers for my Mel/Janice fanfic (continued from the last one). It's pretty long so far (just warning you) at 56 pages for this first part. Anyone interested can email me at: defender.of.heaven@gmail.com.

Manips from International Femslash Day

I made a couple of manips for IDF since I couldn't get any fanfic out that I thought was ready.  So here they are:

Link to my fanfiction page at the Xena Athenaeum

The only fic so far: Memento Mori
Old Photo manips that are posted in the XOC and TX forums.  More manips to come on IDF :)

  <- First manip ever...I dubbed it "Inky Tresses" a la fanfic :)

<- second manip ever, Originally a promo shot for Phantom of the Opera

Grey version of the same one above.

<- starting now with a series of 'conqueror' genre pics.

and another...

aaand mais um (Portugese for 'another one')...

(most recent) can you tell I'm so not obsessed by the idea of Xena the Conqueror and Gabrielle the slave :P  The original picture of Xena is a shot from the Bitter Suite holding Gabrielle at the end.  The shot of Gabby I have no idea what episode...she's sleeping in the scene.

  <- this one was a little shot of Gabby where I tried to put some japanese style clothing on her.  Think it turned out better than I thought :), her hair is drawn in.